Check out our range of Die Cast Model Cars. Featuring all the trimmings as the originals, they're a car fanatics dream ride.

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1:32 H EH Premier Warrigal Black

1:32 H Torana LJ GTR XU

1:32 H EH Premier Roebuck Pearl

1 24 Diecast OZColl Black 1973 Monaro

1 24 Valiant Charger E38 R/T Vit C

1:32 H Racing LJ Torana No: 1

1 24 Valiant Charger E49 R/T Orange

1:32 Starlight Blue XW GTHO Ford

1:32 Yellow Ochre XY GTHO

1:32 Spanish Red HT Monaro GTS

1:32 Red XY GTHO Ford 65E Racing

1 32 F XB GT Falcon Ute Apollo Blue

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